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So when I said I was finished blogging I…er…meant it…? No, I did, it’s just that I for sure needed a creative outlet to share/bounce off/keep myself interested, blah, blah, blah. Enough said. Long story short, you can follow me at my new address at bethanywinters (dot) com as well as access my consultation menu both there and here. Hope to see you there!

(Bethany Winters is available for both online and in-person styling, consultation and contributing editing. Click here for a list of services and pricing. She can be reached at bethanyswinters (at) yahoo (dot) com, her new website at bethanywinters (dot) com and on Twitter at @LAStylistMom. You can also visit her at Tres Chic Now and CulturePOP, where she is a regular contributor.)


I realize that this seems abrupt, although from where I stand it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Almost three whole years ago my friend E said, “You should start a blog” to which I replied, “I would NE-ver write a blog.” Not that I had anything against them; I’m just a fairly private person and it isn’t my style to discuss the inner workings of my self/life/family online, which is what I (naively) envisioned all blogs to be. Aside from a rough outline in my head of what an ideal outcome would look like, I ventured forth with very little expectation.

Not only did I end up revealing much more of myself (both intentionally and not so) than I had anticipated, I learned and accomplished more than I ever dared to imagine. The most surprising thing to me, was how much I discovered about myself, who I am and who I have become. I have met people and forged lifelong friendships that I am so unbelievably grateful for, it almost hurts to think that I might have missed them. I’ve received e mails that have made me cry – in both the happy and ugly ways – yet mostly served to prove that people in general are mind-blowingly compassionate, empathetic, gracious and kind.

Much more than the sum of it’s pages, LASM is a part of me that bloomed out of the darkest period in my life; I cared for and nurtured her and with your continued support, she grew to a proportion that was unrecognizable, even to me. She surpassed all of my expectations with the lessons and growth she afforded me, and for this I will always be true to her. She is still a part of me – but only a part – one that has moved beyond the computer screen and annals of the inter-webs, since inevitably with growth comes change.

I choose to leave now out of respect; for myself and for L.A. Stylist Mom, but mostly for you, my readers. I made a pledge to continually write with integrity and enthusiasm and although not a writer by trade, I did this for ever so long. For the majority of the time, I couldn’t wait to sit down in front of my computer to share and connect and research and edit. As my business grew and time became scarce, coming here began to feel more like a task. As dreary as that sounds, it was compounded by the fact that I could see that tedium reflected in my posts and in my heart, and in combination, these two things let me know it was time to walk away because we both deserve more.

And so I do – with a smile – into my ‘other’ life, one that’s not lived in the reflection of white computer light, but is instead filled with tangibles like grubby little hands and basketball practices and dinners with friends and tending to my real-life clients, which is and always was, my true passion. Although I may have outgrown her here, I take with me the exhilarating anticipation of bigger projects to come, courtesy of L.A. Stylist Mom…and you. And for this I sincerely thank you, from the bottom of my heart…


(Bethany Winters is available for both online and in-person styling, consultation and contributing editing. Click here for a list of services and pricing. She can be reached at lastylistmom (at) yahoo (dot) com, on Twitter at @LAStylistMom, or visit her at Tres Chic Now where she is a regular contributor.)

The Sartorialist. A Fashion Life.

Ten days in and I’m feeling creatively stifled. It happens. Then…there was this. I adore him in sixty ways plus twenty-two more. Digital park bench = genius. I watched it twice. (via thesartorialist.blogspot.com)

It’s 2011: Are You Guilty of Using These Worn-Out Fashion Phrases?

Image by Ron Barrett via NYTimes.com


(Originally published for New York Times Fashion & Style section on December 30, 2010*)

Leave it to fashionistas to try on new buzzwords like they’re going out of style. Whether it was our bromance with heritage brands, or the shellacking that some collaborations took, 2010 saw no shortage of P.R.-driven catchphrases and trendy terms. As with all fads, it’s time to put some to rest.

Click here to see the full list of terms and read the article in its entirety.

(*Irrelevant Sidebar: Being that one precious cherub doesn’t return to school until next week, posts will be sporadic – at best – until then…)

(Making A) Home For The Holidays

(Photo via pbase.com)

I moved here almost two decades ago, just shy of my 25th birthday. For those first few years I traveled back east for the holidays, including the first Christmas that I knew J. After we moved in together, I began to spend the holidays in L.A. It took me a (very) long time to grow accustomed to Los Angeles Christmases, all warm and sunny and quiet. I felt that I stayed by default in order to prove to myself that I could, that it was my life, that I had (sort of) grown up.

When children entered into the equation, the holidays began to feel more ‘real’ to me. This was their home – the only one that they knew – and I was motivated to create traditions accordingly.  It is never lost on me that I have ‘California’ kids, growing up in the shadow of the iconic Hollywood sign. As they continued to grow and the calendar pages fell away at what seemed an alarming rate, our new traditions became ingrained in a very unavoidably (and not altogether unpleasant) Los Angeles kind of a way.

We spend the season (and the rest of the year for that matter) traveling to and from parties and school and everywhere else via freeway, as is unavoidable in a sprawling city like L.A.  Each year after Thanksgiving, the Capital Records building shrouds the ‘needle’ on its roof with lights in the shape of a minimalist Christmas tree. When the boys were babies, J and I would enthusiastically point it out (as only new parents can), a beacon for all of Hollywood that the season had finally arrived.

As Z and R grew older, they began to excitedly spot it themselves, and later on, to anticipate its arrival. Now, years later, we all know at exactly which point on the freeway it will reveal itself, duck behind the hills again, and finally show its full glory once more at the stoplight that (as Z noticed) is always red. For them it is a symbol of Christmas; of gifts and Santa and cookies and all that that entails, but for me it is so much more. It is the embodiment of a life that I have created together with my family. Of our city. Our traditions. Our home.

(Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a prosperous and healthy new year! See you then…XO LASM)

Ghosts of Christmas Past

How is it even possible that this was us, dressed in our saddle shoes unaware of things to come, both good and bad. Oblivious to the fact that someday I would have children exactly this age, sitting on Santa’s lap, the oldest with his hands clasped, just like mine. Time it does fly, Christmases come and go and clichés are clichés for a reason…

My CulturePOP Guide To Stylish (And Discounted) Gifts!

(If you’re as addicted to Ovation TV as I am – think music and art docs in abundance – then you’re going to love their website, culturePOP.com. I was fortunate enough to team up with them to curate their holiday style guide, including amazing discounts of up to 40% off on my favorite things! Click here to see the entire list and read the LASM interview.)

Only In Lost Angeles (Filed Under: Happy Holidays From Youngwood Court)

(Photos via laist.com)

If you live in L.A, chances are you’re familiar with Youngwood Court, and not just during the holidays. I swear I’m going to take our family Christmas card photo here – it’s just too good. And those Davids? There year round – all of them.

H&M Look Book: Womenswear SS2011

Love (most of) this. Bring it.

My Open Sky Shop Faves…

(Click here to check out the rest of my Open Sky shop!)

  1. Carol Marie Gunmetal Multi-Chain Necklace, $225
  2. Carol Marie Thick Gunmetal Chain Bracelet, $85
  3. Navoh Olivia Bag in Black, $90
  4. Amrita Singh Gold ‘Typhus’ Ring, $75
  5. Lizzie Scheck 14k Gold Pyramid Spike Studs, $375
  6. Julia Failey Owl Stud Earrings, $110
  7. plastique* Brooklyn Bridge Three-Finger Ring, $15
  8. Bambine de Cioccolato Metro Leather Mini Wallet & Card Holder, $16
  9. Thomas Paul Pufferfish Pouch, $31
  10. Vita Fede Chiave Lock Bracelet, $115
  11. Thomas Paul Keena Tree Tote, $36

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