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Only In Lost Angeles (Filed Under: Kinda Obnoxious, Kinda Cool)

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I often find myself in my adopted home town feeling as if I’m on another planet. Things that happen here (some good, some not so good) just don’t happen elsewhere, or at least not in the places where I used to live. While every city has its indigenous quirks and traditions and people and landscapes, I just can’t help but think that if Los Angeles was a person? She’d be kind of a pain in the ass.

I recently had a friend visiting from my home tow…er…where I used to live, and we went to dinner at an upscale, relatively scene-y establishment on the Beverly Hills/West Hollywood border – per his request, of course. He wanted some action (not that kind of action), the kind of people-watching-as-one-can-only-do-in-such-an-establishment-in-L.A. action that out-of-towners often crave, having been familiarized with our fair city through Us and TMZ – that and he usually spends his visits here in the parking lot at my kids’ school, or coloring place mats at California Pizza Kitchen…I’m cool like that.

Since I was feeling particularly load-ish while getting dressed for our big night out, I opted for an entirely black outfit, topped with my very favorite silver leather trench coat. We decided to sit at the bar for cocktails and appetizers, upon which our (excellent) bartender was quick to deliver plates, silverware and napkins…white napkins. Allow me to say that between my grubby-handed dude duo, a Persian cat and a very large dog, it’s more than difficult to come away unscathed in the lint/pet hair department when leaving the house in a black ensemble. Being the Virgo that I am (more on that later, but those of you who are, know) I take great pains to (obsessively?) lint roll prior to leaving the house; I also have a lint roller in my car, as well as a travel size in my handbag. (How, for the love of God, does the pet hair follow you…?!!)

Upon spotting the white napkins, I knew first hand from being a frequent  Los Angeles diner that I could, in fact, request a black napkin so as to avoid the pesky white lint that is a repercussion of the former. So I asked…and I felt a teensy bit sheepish in doing so. The moment the words were out of my mouth, I heard my friend exclaim, “What did you just ask for…?” (Was I imagining the disbelief in his voice?) ‘A black napkin,’ I replied. “For what…?” he asked. ‘So that I don’t get lint from the white one all over my black outfit.’ (Why did I feel so guilty?!) He laughed and so did I, and then of course we went on to discuss the whole Only-In-Los-Angeles-Ness of it.

I must admit that although I felt kind of douche-y asking, I was happy to not have to spend the rest of my Virgo evening picking lint off my pants. The good thing about L.A. is that not only did the bartender have a stack of black napkins not two feet away? She didn’t even bat an eyelash when I asked. Now it’s my turn to ask you – are other cities rife with ‘The Black Napkin Syndrome,’ or is it Only In Lost Angeles? I’m curious…

LASM’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide Under $100!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Nimli Mad Imports 'Marielle' Raffia Clutch in 'Punch and Apple' $75

In God We Trust Brass 'Tied Up Heart' Cuff $100

Calypso Orchid Scarf in 'Papoose' $95

Marc by Marc Jacobs Vintage Inspired Oversized Sunglasses in 'Blue/Blue Gray' $98

Laura James Jewelry Oval Tag Vintage Necklace $88

Bargain Of The Week: Spool No. 72 ‘Flea Market’ Dress

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Spool No. 72 'Flea Market' Dress $64

Amazing. This is the perfect summer dress for a myriad of reasons; sure it’s eyelet (let’s all beat a dead horse, shall we?) and reminds me of a pinafore dress that I had in the 70’s, but in a good ‘Virgin Suicides’ kind of way. The off-the-shoulder thing is huge too, making room for ethnic inspired beaded earrings and necklaces like this, and although your instinct may be to grab those metallic flat sandals of seasons past? I’d make this frilly frock a bit less precious with motorcycle or cowboy boots (yes, really). Too much? Try a brown or neutral colored chunky leather sandal…like these or their cheaper counterpart, these…

The Hollywood Housewife ‘Styled By A Stylist’ Reveal!

Monday, April 26th, 2010

And here she is in all of her Blair-to-Serena glory, the Hollywood Housewife, on the way to her husband’s film premiere at The Tribeca Film Festival this weekend – and all for less than five hundred bucks! Thanks Loehmann’s…

(Jacket: Marc Jacobs $300, Necklaces: About $15 each, Silk Racer-back Shell: $30, Leggings: $30, Shoes and Earrings: HH’s own. All purchases made at Loehmann’s West Hollywood.)

LASM Styles The Hollywood Housewife!

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

I recently styled The Hollywood Housewife for an upcoming event, and she decided to write her take on a day spent being ‘Styled By A Stylist.’ Here is her account of our lovely albeit busy day spent shopping on a budget!

Styled By A Stylist

(Originally published on April 21, 2010 at Hollywood Housewife)

I have always styled myself. Doesn’t everyone? I have often envied celebrities or women who have someone to help them look their best in clothes, but it has never crossed my mind to seek out this service. I wouldn’t even know where to find such a person. And then I met L.A. Stylist Mom on twitter. By sheer coincidence – and the odds of this are so slight – we discovered we live in the same neighborhood. The same canyon, practically a stones throw away from one another. It was clear we must become best friends immediately.

Coffee and lunch dates kept getting postponed, but when she posted about offering her style consultations, I just knew we had to get together. As it happens, I have this event coming up and I want to look my best. I’m always willing to shake up my personal style a little bit. You don’t have to be completely style-clueless to benefit from using a professional stylist, I’ve learned. A refresher course, or just someone to force you out of your personal style box, can be an advantage to your wardrobe. After I took a deep breath and told her INeedSpanxThisWholeThingMakesMeNervousIWantToFeelPretty, she agreed to style me for The Gorilla‘s documentary screening at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend. Let the neuroses begin.

In our email exchanges, I told her that “I’m kind of a Blair in real life, but for this event I want to be a Serena.” She got my reference with no explanation (Blair and Serena are characters on Gossip Girl, please keep up) and started shooting me ideas. I started feeling comfortable that she understood where I was coming from, so I said calming things like, I can get over-stimulated much like an infant. You may have to hold my hand through some of this. Tapering scares me. There’s a cookie place in the mall in case I melt down. She couldn’t wait to meet me!


We met at a coffee shop in our neighborhood.  I pulled up five minutes late eating Oreo cakesters and drinking my morning Dr. Pepper.  I think first impressions are so important. We started jabbering before LASM even physically got in my car and we didn’t stop for the next four hours.  As a person, she is beautiful and open and easy to talk to and as a stylist she made me feel beautiful and not stupid.  Which, in this scenario, was a fete of large proportions. Our first stop was a large, discount designer chain that I had previously ignored on shopping expeditions.  What a mistake that was!  LASM showed me the truth behind this store.

I set a budget before we tackled the styling.  For a special event, I like to buy something new.  My habit is to splurge on one major item (the dress, a pair of shoes, etc.) and stay very reasonable for the other items. This means I usually have one high quality thing, while the other pieces might only last a season or two. My budget for this event was $500.

LASM started pulling stuff off the racks for me right away.  I stayed with my own shopping M.O. which meant I wandered, and felt the fabric, and checked my phone a lot.  A few minutes in, LASM mentioned that the dressing room in this particular store was community. A community dressing room. So then I started dreading, and sweating, and nodding distractedly at everything she held up for my approval.  I’m not particularly modest, but a community dressing room on a day that was already giving me hives, was almost more than I could handle. For the record, my nervousness had nothing to do with LASM.  This control freak just finds shopping to be a very personal thing, so letting someone else take the reins is what was putting me on edge.  But I wanted to do this, and I was thankful for her help.


Here’s something the LASM does that was so interesting to me: She pulls everything for the outfits. Into the community dressing room we go with shoes, necklaces, jackets, and heaps of clothes to try.  LASM had a “look” in mind for me from the start, so the different outfits she pieced together were sort of similar, but each had their own pros and cons.  While I changed into the first option, she arranged neatly on the wall each complete style (accessories included), so we could evaluate them before I put them on. I couldn’t believe the shopping difference with those two techniques: bringing in every piece to try at the same time, and arranging them for evaluation and for easier mix-and-matching. Before I even tried on the first thing, I had learned a ton from LASM about shopping and style.

The “look” she had chosen for me was a little rocker-chic.  I was going to an outdoor BMX event, after all. The look included leggings.  One pair was stretchy denim.  Those are called “jeggings.”  These jeggings had stirrups.  I almost died when she handed them to me.  But, they were actually cute on.  Another huge benefit to using a stylist: I was trying on things I would never, I repeat never, have picked to try on for myself. And here’s the kicker: they looked good.  I thought I looked cute.  Different than my normal self.  And that’s what we were going for, right?

LASM was so complimentary.  She never once made me feel foolish or ugly. Her attitude was not, “You need as much help as you can get!” but more that she wanted me to look and feel my best.  I asked her to help me step out my fashion box a little, but I got the impression that if you wanted to stay with your own style, she would also be really good at enhancing what you’ve already got going on.

At this first store, we got everything but shoes. My splurge was a buttery soft gray Marc Jacobs leather jacket.

'The Outfit'

The other pieces were black leggings with small buttons at the ankle,

'The Leggings'

a black racerback silk shell with a detailed pocket,

'The Racerback Shell'

and two chunky necklaces to be worn at the same time.

'The Necklaces'

(I’ve always like that multiple-necklaces-at-a-time look, but never had the guts to pull it off. LASM picked two necklaces that were similar in length and style and layered them expertly.  She advised me to wear the simple black earrings I already owned.) The cash register read $520, just over my budget.  We had planned to go to the mall in search of shoes, but now that the numbers were in we scrapped that and went to PF Changs.  All this crazy shopping can make a girl ravenous.  We decided on shoes I already owned to complete my outfit.

It was a successful day all around.  After just a few hours with a professional stylist, I had a complete outfit for my special event and had picked up new ways to shop and style myself for the next time. *BONUS* that I felt as pampered as a celebrity and made a new friend. It’s not reasonable or necessary to use a stylist daily, but for a wardrobe overhaul or a special event, I highly recommend it.  If you’re interested, you can get more information on LASM‘s style consultations here.  If you don’t have a budget for something new, she can consult using your current wardrobe.

Check back late Saturday to see me in my new style for the film festival.  I’ll be the one in the leggings trying to look breezy.

Giveaway From Rice and Beans Vintage!

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Gucci Black Leather Large 'Britt' Handbag

Vintage 1970's Mexican Green Suede Cape

Yves Saint Laurent Leather and Wood Sky High Platform Wedge Sandals

There are few things I adore more than spectacular designer vintage and Rice and Beans Vintage is paramount in this category; I guess one could even call it the shizznit of vintage sites (one being me of course), but it really and truly is. Owner Sarah Korsiak Cellier has an eye that’s dead-on, and her stunning pieces are reflective of her incredible and discerning taste. In a climate where the word vintage is thrown around to describe everything from Courreges to Urban Outfitters circa 1998, Sarah is a true vintage aficionado. (She’s also cool, down to earth and funny as hell.)

With pieces both designer and otherwise, Rice and Beans is not only chock full of gorgeousness, but it’s more reasonably priced than other on line vintage shops. There’s also a section of modern designers as well, including both shoes and handbags, creating the potential to scoop up more recent pieces you might have missed the first time around. I love that Cellier has chosen to include a jewelry section, often my favorite vintage finds and a category commonly overlooked on other comparable sites. Best of all, everything is beautifully showcased with large, clear photos, on an easily navigable and comprehensive site.

Start perusing and choose what you love now, because Rice and Beans has teamed up with LASM to give away a $75 gift card! I’ve featured my personal favorites above, so now it’s your turn to visit Rice and Beans Vintage, choose the item that you dig, and let us know what it is in the comments section of this post. You can also earn up to three additional entries by 1) Tweeting this post (using the retweet button) 2) Subscribing to LASM with Bloglovin’ or Feedburner (conveniently located in the sidebar) or 3) Blogging about this contest with a link back to this post. If you do any of these things, please let me know in your comment so I can be sure to count your extra entries! Thanks for playing and good luck from Rice and Beans Vintage and L.A. Stylist Mom!

*All comments must be posted by the end of the giveaway on Thursday, April 29th, at 11:59 EST. The winner will be chosen by, notified via e mail, and announced on L.A. Stylist Mom shortly thereafter. One entry per person, with a maximum of three additional entries. If a winner fails to respond within three days of notification, a new winner will be selected. Open to U.S. and Canada residents ages 18 years or older.

This contest is now closed.

Happy Second Birthday L.A. Stylist Mom!

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Why don't we party like this anymore...?

L.A. Stylist Mom turned two yesterday, prompting me to use party as a verb. Without getting sentimental (and let’s face it, why would I, it’s a blog) it’s been kind of a crazy ride, from its inception out of a shattered tib/fib while pregnant, to a makeover on its first birthday, to a blossoming full-time business. I couldn’t have done any of it without you and your support, and it still blows me away on a daily basis that anyone would continue to tune in to hear what I have to say. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sticking with me and helping to make LASM what it is today. I invite you to channel your inner Jerry Hall and drink right from the bottle, as you join me in toasting two happy years at L.A. Stylist Mom!

The Ugliest Dress I Have Ever Seen

Friday, April 16th, 2010

(Photo courtesy of: Found in Mom’s Basement)

The Room: It’s what you have to run from upon seeing her arrive.

H&M: Head-To-Toe Looks Under $150 Each!

Thursday, April 15th, 2010





Both friends and readers alike often tell me they love the idea of shopping in places like H&M, but are frequently overwhelmed by the store itself. Let’s face it; if you’ve ever been in one, it’s crowded, loud and usually messy, making it difficult at best to shop, let alone pull together an outfit. Complicated by the fact that  there is a ton of merchandise (not to mention they have yet to launch an American e Commerce site *tapping foot impatiently*), I know that many of you choose to steer clear of H&M altogether. I’ve taken the liberty of putting together these outfits – all priced at around a hundred bucks, give or take an accessory or two – to help point you in the right direction. Now have at it.

Currently Coveting: Thomas Wylde Skull-Studded Boots

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Thomas Wylde Skull-Studded Boots $1925

I don’t give a crap that summer is just around around the corner and these would make my feet sweat like Albert Brooks in Broadcast News. I don’t care that  for that money they could clean my house for twenty Saturdays in a row and do my laundry. I want them, and I would wear them proudly and oh-so-blissfully, year round, on my sweaty, broke-ass feet…

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