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Monday, January 10th, 2011

Ten days in and I’m feeling creatively stifled. It happens. Then…there was this. I adore him in sixty ways plus twenty-two more. Digital park bench = genius. I watched it twice. (via

Rachel Comey: Dressing For The Expected

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Photograph by Kava Gorna via The New York Times Style Magazine

By CHELSEA ZALOPANY for The New York Times Style Magazine

(Originally published on November 16, 2010)

The designer Rachel Comey and her boyfriend, Sean Carmody, are two months away from having their first child, and the mom-to-be is bumping up her wardrobe accordingly. “The maternity trend seems to be not buying any clothes,” Comey says with a laugh. “That excludes the flea market, because it’s been fun to shop and try on shapes that I wouldn’t normally try on now that my body is so different.” Comey, who is known for her flirty prints and cool shoe designs, transformed a thrift shop cat suit into a pair of cool trousers. Day wear has become jumpsuits, overalls and stretchy knits, especially knit dresses paired with a sharp tailored blazer from Ellsworth for a more defined shape. “With my changing body and changing lifestyle, I am also changing my need for clothing to be practical for a woman’s body at any stage,” she says. We are looking forward to see how this new sensibility plays out in Comey’s next collection. Great expectations indeed.

Girl’s Gone Child’s Rebecca Woolf Talks Vintage Pucci, Sneaker Alternatives, And…Shaun White?!

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

The beautiful and talented Rebecca Woolf of Girl's Gone Child

I have a secret. A dirty one. (*deep breath*) Imnotcrazyaboutreadingblogs. I know this seems grossly counter-intuitive since I freaking write one, but it has to be really unique-in-a-way-I-can’t-put-my-finger-on in order to draw me in and hold my attention. And then I found Girl’s Gone Child.

I felt immediately connected to not only Rebecca’s life experiences and parenting views, but above all else, to her voice. She is positively fearless and speaks with brutal honesty, making no apologies for who she is, her choices, views or shortcomings. I identify with her on a level of I’m-facing-this-thing-called-life-and-parenting-with-all-its-imperfections, and the fact that – get ready – she embraces them. Inspiring stuff. It could be because she’s roughly a decade younger (shut it) than I am, and reminds me to find lightness and beauty in all that happens, regardless of the shit storm it can often be – for that I am most grateful. Not to mention she has a kick-ass sense of non-mommy style for both herself and her kids…

LASM: Allow me to start by saying that I adore your blog –  you remind so much of my younger self (minus the kids), even though in my brain I like to pretend we’re the same age. Moving on. What fashion state-of-mind are you currently in?

RW: Quirky bohemian? Off-duty ballerina? California urbanite? Paris, Summer of ’69? High maintenance hippie? Etc, etc? I have a very late 60’s, early 70’s aesthetic as far as fashion goes. I was born a decade after my time, apparently. I love skinny jeans with fat tees, leggings paired with chunky tunics and slouchy boots. And hats. I love me some head-gear. My dream is to someday open a vintage hat store. Sigh.

LASM: Who or what do you find inspires your fashion sense?

RW: Everything and everybody and old times and Teen Vogue. Seriously. Teen Vogue has brilliant stylists. I’m a loyal subscriber. On the web I love Sea of Shoes,, Francoise Hardy and Marianne Faithfull. Confidence. If I’m doubting whether I can pull something off or not, the answer is NOT. Personal style is all about confidence, which is why L.A. is such a fun city to get dressed-up in. Everyone here is parading around completely and perhaps delusionally confident. It’s inspiring.

LASM: True, that. I know you’re super busy with your kids and job; what’s your go-to daily ‘mommy’ outfit for the summertime? What about for the cooler months?

RW: For summer it’s an over sized tee, leggings and TOMS, and for the other seasons, over sized tee, leggings and boots with a statement jacket and  layered jewelry.

LASM: I heart TOMS like crazy, especially for kids. What are your favorite local L.A. shopping spots? How about on-line?

RW: Oooooh, boy. I’d have to say Noni on Larchmont, and Beige on Beverly for new pieces (although I wait for sales), Fluxus for staples and Fairfax Trading Post, The Way We Wore and Slow on Melrose for vintage. I don’t shop for clothes online, but if I did I’d shop at Pixie Market. I know people do it beautifully but it makes me nervous. I’m old fashioned that way, perhaps. I like dressing rooms.

LASM: We both have boys about the same age, and boy clothes can be especially challenging; what brands do you like for Archer?

RW: I have to give it to Shaun White for Target. He is KILLING me with the skinny jeans for boys. They are the perfect fit. I’m also a huge Ben Sherman fan. If it isn’t from Target it’s most likely Ben Sherman with Creative Recreation shoes or Reef flip-flops.

Rebecca and her daughter, Fable.

LASM: It’s well known that (your daughter) Fable is a little style icon of her own! What are your faves for ‘Fable-shopping’?

RW: Most of Fable’s wardrobe is hand-made, actually. My mom has been going nuts with the sewing machine and fabrics we picked out together. I’m also a massive fan of Misha Lulu. Love Splendid, Imps & Elfs and See Kai Run shoes. Gap for essentials.

LASM: One of the most common questions my readers ask is, what are cute yet comfortable flat-shoe alternatives to sneakers, for the park and general kid-schlepping. What do you recommend?

RW: I used to be a total heel-girl and now? I can barely wear heels to dinner without killing myself. I recommend a good pair of kick-around flat-boots. I have a pair of maroon kick-around leather boots I got at a thrift shop for $30. Best $30 I ever spent. If you can’t afford a nice pair of well-made boots, go thrifting. It will make ALL the difference. Cheap boots are a total waste of money. Also? I love TOMS. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Buy a pair of black TOMS and you can’t go wrong. They look great with everything and they’re socially responsible, too, so everyone wins. My most warn non-Toms, non-boot shoes are currently my black, gold-studded ballet flats by Michael Kors. They go with everything, very polished without looking prim. I also love me some Jeffrey Campbell.

LASM: What current trend do you love? Loathe?

RW: Love: Harem Pants, jumpsuits, sequins. Loathe: Heeled sandals and I’ve never understood the appeal of Coach.

LASM: Ooof – that makes two of us. Which designers or brands do you adore?

RW: Vintage Pucci. Hands down. This is a tough one, because I don’t have a cazillion dollars so budget shatters my fashionista dreams!!! If I could, I’d shop all day long at Marc Jacobs and DVF but no, I cannot. So? I shop vintage, American Apparel, Barneys Co-Op, Jeffrey Campbell shoes. My favorite designer is probably a tie between Balenciaga (Modern!) and Chanel (Boho! Viva la France!), but I do most of my shopping at Anthropologie, thrift stores and Target. Oh, and J Brand jeans. Always J Brand. Wearing them now in fact. (With a tunic by TORN I bought at Barney’s Co-Op.)

LASM: Amen on the J Brand front. Anything else…?

RW: You’re awesome! xo!

LASM: Back atcha, my friend…

Writer Rebecca Woolf is the author of the blog Girl’s Gone Child, as well as the hilarious memoir Rockabye: From Wild to Child, chronicling her journey to motherhood after she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant at the age of 23. She is a regular contributor to Momversation, Huffington Post and Portraits of an Economy. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband Hal, son Archer and daughter Fable. (Read more about Rebecca at

Jewelry Designer Farrah Dragon Talks L.A. Boutiques, Vintage Cartier and Cheap Secret Weapons…

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Farrah Dragon Silver Poppy Ring $667

Farrah Dragon Silver Lotus Earrings $863

Farrah Dragon 18K Gold Orchid Necklace $1,062

How cool is the name Farrah Dragon? I know. It’s like a Bond girl or something. Actually just an amazing jewelry designer whom I met through a mutual friend. Farrah’s sensibility and aesthetic are not only stunning and spot on, they’re also deep-rooted with inspiration from ancient artisans, as well as being eco-friendly and socially responsible. Here – I’ll let her tell you…

LASM: How did you become a jewelry designer?

FD: When I decided to do something different from interior design, I narrowed my dream job down to creating stylish baby slings or a conscious jewelry line. Ultimately I chose what I thought would give me the quality of life I was striving for, plus the most creative expression. By quality of life, I mean something that I could do while starting a family and something that I felt did not harm anyone or anything during the manufacturing process. I also thrive on business strategies and problem solving, so I wanted to be sure to go out of my way to choose something that forced me to make time for creativity. I chose to design and make an eco and socially responsible jewelry line. Since I had taken a jewelry making class in high school, I took a refresher course to learn soldering again and some other techniques. I then self-taught the rest at home.

LASM: Where do you derive inspiration for your pieces?

FD: Mostly in nature. I also love looking at ancient jewelry, because I hand-make nearly everything in metal and I have a lot to learn from artisans who were really only armed with fire and primitive tools.

LASM: Who are your personal favorites when it comes to jewelry designers/brands?

FD: Anything and everything Indian. Indian jewelers have techniques that are just mind-boggling. Their 22K jewelry takes my breath away. I had originally intended to do most of my line in 22K, but the price of gold doubled the year I was launching so it wasn’t realistic. I already have a 22K Indian necklace picked out for my fantasy stroll down the Oscars red carpet! For a surprise birthday present, my husband went to a few jewelry stores in Little India outside of L.A. and asked if their behind-the-scenes jeweler would mentor me; I think they were mostly confused and alarmed and shooed him out….but it was a sweet thought. I also love jewelry by Jar, Line Vautrin, Ted Meuhling, Hanut Singh, Gabriella Kiss, Tony Duquette and vintage Cartier.

LASM: How about clothing designers?

FD: My favorite brands/labels are, Antik Batik, Allsaints Spitalfields, Oscar De La Renta, Naeem Khan and Alexander McQueen.

LASM: Where do you like to shop online?

FD: To be completely honest, I usually only shop places like Victorias Secret, Delias and Alloy for trendy tops, dresses and swimwear. Apparently I’m a slutty teeny bopper at heart! Aside from jeans, I really only tend to like most of my clothes for less than a year, so I try not to spend a lot on them these days, then I can pass them on guilt-free when I’m on to the next thing. I window shop at 1st Dibs, Graham and Green and Vivre.

LASM: Any secret weapon cheap-chic jewelry picks for those who can’t afford the real thing?

FD: I have to admit that it sort of kills me to give away good secrets, but I’ll get over myself. African metalwork jewelry is a personal fave. African artisans create such beautiful, affordable pieces out of bronze, some of which have a color similar to gold, and the craftsmanship is amazing. It’s just so completely different than Western jewelry. Their brass beaded strands are particularly interesting, since they come in all shapes and sizes and layer well. On a totally different note, I think Sundance, J. Crew, Banana Republic and Forever 21 sometimes have great, affordable, stylish jewelry. Also, a cheap trick – Google a local gold plater and mail or drop off a pair of your own cool silver earrings; once gold-plated (under $30), your earrings will look like a totally different fancy new pair.

LASM: Love this idea! What are your favorite off the beaten path L.A. boutiques?

FD: Lost & Found on Yucca is my number one, no doubt; awesome clothing, jewelry, textiles and Moroccan cutting boards – everything is special, unique and stylish. I also love Bazar on Abbott Kinney and the women’s Ralph Lauren store in Malibu – just walking through makes me happy! Broken English and Arp are my favorite jewelry stores…they are both truly inspired.

(You can see the entire Farrah Dragon Jewelry collection at or visit Broken English both online and in Los Angeles to purchase.)

Behind The Scenes With Stylist Mia Morgan

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Mia Morgan has dressed celebrities from Nicole Kidman to Meatloaf and everyone in between, all the while remaining cool and down to earth. Check out this up close, behind the scenes footage and interview, as she discusses what a stylist actually does and how she got into the business. (Read more about Mia and see her full client list at

Model and actress Josie Maran talks motherhood, makeup, shopping and…sex!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

When Josie Maran contacted me via Twitter to tell me she loved my blog, to say that I was flattered would be an understatement. Not only is she gorgeous and smart, the birth of her first child motivated her to give back by launching her namesake all natural cosmetics line, when she was unable to find organic cosmetics that were as good for the planet as they were for the skin. L.A. Stylist Mom sat down with the Los Angeles local to find out a bit more about Josie the mother and the eco-conscious entrepreneur…

LASM: You’ve talked a bit about how becoming a mother inspired you to want to do other things. Can you tell us about that, and how your company grew out of it?

JM: When I was pregnant I became more aware of the power of nature and my place on this planet. It became important to me to be productive and to do something to give back. I had searched for healthy makeup throughout my whole modeling and acting career, but there was really nothing that lived up to the satisfaction and quality that I wanted. I knew if I wanted great makeup that performed well and was good for you, others would too. I realized that this could be my contribution, so I strive to make Josie Maran Cosmetics the best it can be for you and for the planet!

LASM: Love that! What would you say is the single, biggest, makeup mistake most women make?

JM: Too much makeup! I believe that finding a few magic products to give you healthy vibrant skin is the trick to being beautiful. My favorites are argan oil, tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara, and gloss for a natural look.

LASM: What three items do you think every woman should have in her makeup bag?

JM: An eyelash curler, argan oil infused lip gloss, and cream blush.

LASM: I’m two for three on that one. Can you describe a quick, five minute, morning makeup routine for busy moms, that actually makes a visible difference?

JM: Wash your face, apply my tinted moisturizer (which gives you moisture, an SPF of 30, and even coverage, all in one quick step) blush, mascara and gloss, will give you a natural, glowing look. It’s quick, beautiful, and not overdone!

LASM: What are the most important components in a skincare regime for women over the age of 30?

JM: A great organic moisturizer like my 100% organic Argan Oil, is a really great moisture option. It has vitamin E, EFA’s, and is packed with antioxidants. Plus, it’s one ingredient which ensures that your skins recognizes it and can utilize it to it’s utmost potential. Most moisturizers are so chock full of fillers, preservatives, etc., that your skin doesn’t know quite what to use and what not to use. A natural daily sunblock is also essential. Protect yourself from those wrinkle rays! I’m also a big believer in exfoliating once a week.

LASM: I always say that communication and exfoliation are the keys to life! You have gorgeous skin – what are your other secrets besides your line?

JM: Lots of sex! Just kidding….eating well, drinking lots of water and using my Argan Oil as a moisturizer.

LASM: I’ve actually heard that lots of sex does wonders for your skin, amongst other things…er…moving on. Since you’re a fellow L.A. girl – with great style,  by the way – will you share your favorite spots to shop for clothes in town?

JM: In L.A., Catwalk and the Rose Bowl Flea Market for vintage.

LASM: Any online faves?

JM: Mr. Larkin! (available at Becklina).

Here’s you chance to win a Wildflower Powder Palette’ from Josie’s collection, containing a complete makeup wardrobe in one, chic, mirrored compact (a $45 value). Simply visit Josie Maran Cosmetics, choose your favorite item and leave a comment on this post telling us what it is – that’s it! You can  also earn an additional entry for Tweeting this post, using the handy dandy retweet button (only one Tweet per person please). Good luck!

Huge thanks to Josie for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer these questions. You can see her entire hair, makeup and skincare lines at Josie Maran Cosmetics, and be sure to check out her Lifestyle And Beauty Blog!

*All comments must be posted by the end of the giveaway on Thursday, March 25th, at 11:59 EST. The winner will be chosen by, notified via e mail, and announced on L.A. Stylist Mom shortly thereafter. One entry per person, with a maximum of one additional entry for Tweeting this post. If winner fails to respond within three days of notification, a new winner will be selected. Open to U.S. and Canada residents ages 18 years or older.

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