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Rachel Comey: Dressing For The Expected

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Photograph by Kava Gorna via The New York Times Style Magazine

By CHELSEA ZALOPANY for The New York Times Style Magazine

(Originally published on November 16, 2010)

The designer Rachel Comey and her boyfriend, Sean Carmody, are two months away from having their first child, and the mom-to-be is bumping up her wardrobe accordingly. “The maternity trend seems to be not buying any clothes,” Comey says with a laugh. “That excludes the flea market, because it’s been fun to shop and try on shapes that I wouldn’t normally try on now that my body is so different.” Comey, who is known for her flirty prints and cool shoe designs, transformed a thrift shop cat suit into a pair of cool trousers. Day wear has become jumpsuits, overalls and stretchy knits, especially knit dresses paired with a sharp tailored blazer from Ellsworth for a more defined shape. “With my changing body and changing lifestyle, I am also changing my need for clothing to be practical for a woman’s body at any stage,” she says. We are looking forward to see how this new sensibility plays out in Comey’s next collection. Great expectations indeed.

Woo Hoo!!! Chic Maternity Wear From ‘More Of Me!’

Friday, September 11th, 2009

'Mom Oh Baby!' Bib Dress in Winter White $175

'MoM Oh Baby!' Bib Dress in Winter White $175

'L.B.M.o.M.D.' Dress in Black $298

'L.B.M.o.M.D.' Dress in Black $298

'MoMBoho Chic' Dress in Buffalo Plaid $225

'MoMBoho Chic' Dress in Buffalo Plaid $225

Um, how freaking hard is it find cute maternity clothes? So. Which is why I was overjoyed (like I’m even pregnant – bite your tongue) to discover More of Me Maternity. I ran across a random link on Twitter, and initially fell in love with the ‘MoM Oh Baby!’ Bib Dress in Metallic Gold. (Incidentally on sale right now for ninety bucks!) I then proceeded to stalk owner Jessica Boulanger until she sent me pics of the Fall/Winter ’09 collection – thanks Jess!!

I’m in love with the tuxedo-esque vibe of the Winter White version – the color for fall – and perfect for New Year’s Eve (BTDT at 7.5 months with Z, complete with a crowded ladies room visit and a Hollywood Betty exclaiming, “Are you like, pregnant?!” Do the math.) with a black blazer and leggings. The ‘MoMBoho Chic’ dress also comes in a sultry Heather Grey, and either would be amazing with black opaque tights and knee high boots. Almost makes me wish I was knocked up again. Almost. (Click here for more stylish maternity wear picks!)

(This is a sponsored post.)

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